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The Chinese-African People’s Friendship Association (CAPFA), founded in April 1960, is a national people’s organization of the People’s Republic of China. It was initiated by 17 national people’s organizations including the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC), All-China Federation of Trade Unions, All-China Youth Federation, and All-China Women’s Federation, etc.
The CAPFA aims at enhancing mutual understanding and friendship between the Chinese and African people, promoting the exchanges and cooperation between China and Africa, safeguarding world peace, and promoting common development.
The main tasks of the CAPFA include:

1. To establish and develop cooperation with friendship-with-China organizations, social communities and personages from all walks of life in Africa, and to increase mutual understanding and develop friendship through exchanges of visits, commemorative meetings, lectures, seminars, bilateral and multi-lateral meetings, and exchange of publications, etc.

2. To promote nongovernmental cooperation in economy, trade, society, education, science and technology between China and Africa.

3. To conduct China-Africa nongovernmental cultural exchanges.

4. To facilitate exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and African local governments, and to promote the establishment of more sister-city relations between Chinese cities and provinces and their counterparts in Africa.

5. To carry out public interest activities promoting China-Africa friendship.
6. To work in other fields related to the cooperation between Chinese and African people.
The CAPFA Council is the executive organ of the CAPFA. The term for the Council Members is 5 years. The plenary meeting of the Council is held annually. The Secretariat, which deals with the daily affairs of the CAPFA, is set in the Department of Asian and African Affairs, CPAFFC.
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